Extreme Outback Intelligent Dual Battery System

BS Dual Battery System.


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This unit uses a RISC micro-computer to manage dual-battery applications. During normal driving, the IBS links both batteries using a 500-amp-capable/12-volt relay. When the engine is off, the system isolates the batteries. This allows the auxiliary battery to power accessories for in-car entertainment (ICE), marine applications, AC power inverters and law-enforcement/emergency emergency-responder equipment without draining the main (starting) battery.

The IBS also allows the main battery to be jump-started from the auxiliary one. Its installation kit includes a power cable, terminals, and a pre-made four-wire harness. A 24-volt version offers all these features for four-battery systems commonly found in commercial trucking and military vehicles. Fleet managers can conceivably drastically minimize battery replacement by using the IBS; fleet downtime due to dead starting batteries can be eliminated.

The Intelligent Battery System is designed to be durable and reliable, using the most current technology available. It was developed by a Swiss engineer who experienced dead batteries while traversing Australia’s Great Victorian Desert in his Series 60 Land Cruiser.


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