Krazy Beaver Aluminum Mount W/ Quick Fist (2 And 15/16″ Stand Off)

The Krazy Beaver Aluminum Mount with Quick Fist offers a secure and versatile solution for your gear attachment needs.


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The Krazy Beaver Aluminum Mount with Quick Fist is a robust and versatile mounting solution designed to keep your gear secure during transportation. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this mount offers exceptional durability while remaining lightweight. The included Quick Fist clamp ensures a firm and reliable grip, preventing any movement while on the road. Whether you need to secure tools, equipment, or other items, this mount provides a dependable attachment point for various applications.

Kit includes 2x Aluminum brackets with 2x aluminum back washer, 2x rubber Quickfist mounts, 2x 5/16 bolts with nylon lock nuts, 2x 3/8 carriage bolts with nylon lock nuts.



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