Bushranger X-Jack Exhaust Air Jack

ARB Bushranger X-Jack Exhaust Jack


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ARB Bushranger X-Jack Exhaust Jacks are particularly well-suited to use in sand, mud, loose gravel, and snow. With a capacity of 4400 lbs. (1995kg), the exhaust-operated X-Jack is an invaluable recovery tool that provides up to 31 in. (78,74cm) of vehicle lift! Simply place the unit on the ground beneath the side of the vehicle to be raised, and connect the hose to your tailpipe. When the engine is started, the X-Jack quickly inflates.

Additional details about ARB X-Jack Exhaust Jacks:

* Rugged PVC construction
* Triple-layer top, hard core insert, and additional side curtains offer maximum protection against punctures
* Includes inflatable X-Jack, connector hose, and storage bag
* Two-way inflation system: for use with exhaust, or portable air compressor (or onboard air, if available)
* Designed to work with round exhaust tips only
* Easy to use
* Helps lift on any terrain and climate
* Collapses flat to easily stow away in vehicle when not in use
* Compatible with most Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK or JL models
* Requires 2 in. (5,08cm) clearance under vehicle for proper operation



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