Diode Dynamics Side-Step Under Light Led Strips (Blue)

Diode Dynamics LED Strip Lights High Density SF Blue


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HD Halo Technology. These HD LED semi-flex strips have been designed from the ground-up to be absolutely the brightest, most reliable strips physically possible. Each strip is populated with a large number of high-density (HD) LEDs, which are then coated by a diffusing gel, resulting in a perfectly uniform light when turned on. When off, the diffusing gel hides the chips, resulting in a clean, OEM appearance.

Sizing: All sizes are listed by total length, in millimeters. Strips can be shortened by up to 20 percent, but no less! Width is 8mm, and total height is 4.5mm. The LED has a 20-inch (50,8cm) wire with female JST type connector.



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