Bushwacker Rocker Panels

Bushwacker Trail Armor Side Rocker 


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Bushwacker’s Trail Armor armors your truck from anything your tires may pick up and throw at your truck. Its components aremade with rugged off-road durabilityto provideultimate protection against road debris. Plus, Trail Armor upgrades the look of your truck by covering unsightly pinch welds and infuses well-seasoned trucks with style by concealing eyesores like rust and dings.Transform your vehicle in minutes with Trail Armor’s easy, no-drill installation process. It’s the kind of body protection that stands up to the test anytime, anywhere.

  • Covers the rocker area under doors, protecting it from road debris and scratches
  • Hides unsightly pinch welds and rust
  • Made from tough and durable TPO Material
  • No-drill design installs with clips and automotive-grade adhesive
  • OEM matte black finish
  • Precision engineered for a perfect fit




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