Covercraft 5Layer Softback All Climate Cover (Gray)

Covercraft Custom 5-Layer Softback All Climate Car Cover (Gray)


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If you are looking for a heavy-duty car cover that provides a tough defense against the elements while being smooth against your paint finish, then check out the Covercraft 5-Layer All Climate Car Cover!

This popular car cover fabric features a 5-layer multi-layer construction which offers the most versatile protection indoors or outdoors while also smoothly gliding across your finish. This all-weather-resistant material will help keep your vehicle safe from harmful dust, pollen, UV rays, rain, and much more. The robust car cover layers also help add privacy to help keep prying eyes out. If parking in a garage this car cover works as a superior dust top to keep your vehicle looking its best. The softback lining paired with the robust multi-layer design also helps to reduce scuffs and minor dings from accidental bumps or garage accidents. Using a premium car cover offers the best protection, reduces the likelihood of micro-scratches, keeps your vehicle looking its best, and protects your re-sale value.





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