ARB Tredpro Recovery Trax Boards

TRED Pro Recovery Trax Boards


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TRED Pro is the next generation of the already hugely successful TRED off-road recovery device engineered and manufactured in Australia, TRED Pro will outperform any other recovery board in the market. TRED Pro will give you the ability to explore with confidence, without the lack of traction disrupting your journey.

TRED Pro is unique patented EXOTRED composite construction ensures that during wheel spin in recovery the ramp / teeth will not suffer instant catastrophic damage as experienced with other leading recovery ramp products.
The special polyolefin material blend means TRED Pros can handle high levels of flex, are highly durable and wear resistant. The mix of elasticity and tough rigid design in the main body means that your TRED Pro’s maintain a high level of pressure on your tyre, to provide ultimate traction whilst still being able to take the flex of being under the vehicles weight on unstable ground.
With a breaking load of 1.1 tonnes per board, at a temperature range of -15°C to +70°C, the TRED Pro recovery boards are an ideal option for your trip!

  • Unique two-material construction
  • Patented composite 2-layer nylon design
  • Glass-filled nylon teeth
  • CAD modelled 4X4 tyre patterns



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